300g            Milk
1 Tsp            Vanilla Extract
10g               Sugar
80g              Egg yolks
30g              Sugar

20g              Corn flour
20g              Butter, soft
300g           Double cream
2 Tbsp.        Icing sugar
20g               Brandy
1 Tbsp.         Milk power
20-25          Sponge fingers
200g            Fresh berries

Heat the milk, vanilla and sugar to a smoking point.

Whisk the Egg yolks, sugar and corn flour. Add in the hot milk mixture and whisk constantly. Pour back into a pot and cook for 2 minutes on a medium heat. Take off the heat and add in the butter and mix well.
Pass through the sieve and leave aside.

Whip the double cream to a medium peak. Divide into 1/3 of the cream and 2/3 of the cream.

Pour 1/3 of the cream into cooled custard mixture and mix well.

And the brandy, icing sugar and milk powder into 2/3 of the cream and whip until stiff peak.

Lay half of sponge fingers, half of coffee mixture, then spread half of the custard, arrange half of berries, and the half of whipped cream.

Repeat this. . Cover well and leave in the fridge for 4h or overnight before serving.


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