Tarka Dhal

Tarka Dhal
Ingredients A:
500g                   Dhal
2L                         Water
2 Tbsp                Grated ginger
2 cloves             Garlic
1/2 Tsp               Turmeric
1.5 Tbsp             Salt flakes

3 Tbsp               Veg Oil
200g                  Onion
‘1 Tsp                  Mustard seed
1                            Dried chilli
175g                   Tomato, sliced
Coriander leaves
Green chilli deseeded and sliced thinly

Place ingredients A into a pan and cook until soft.

Heat the oil in a pan and cook the onion and chilli until the onion is part brown.

Add the mustard seeds and cook until the seeds start to pop.

Add the tomato and cook with the lid on until soft.

Serve the Dhal in a dish, top with Tarka and chilli and coriander leaves.


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