Swiss Butter Cream and assemble Chocolate cake

Swiss Butter Cream
75g    Egg whites
125g     Granulated sugar
40g    Icing sugar, Sifted
250g     Butter very soft and shine
1 Tsp      Vanilla Extract
Pinch     Salt flakes

Place granulated sugar and egg whites in a bowl and continually mix over hot water until it reaches a temperate of 71-73°C.

Whip the mixture with a balloon whisk attachment for about 5-7 minutes until thick and glossy. Reduce the temperature to 32°C and add the salt flakes.

Add icing sugar and whip well.

Add very soft butter a little at a time. After having done the that, add the vanilla extract and whip for a further 5-7 minutes at a high speed until soft, smooth and in a spreadable consistency.


I use:

Chocolate sponge cake

Chocolate mousse

Swiss Butter cream

Assemble Chocolate cake

Place a ¼ of the Swiss butter cream into a piping bag. Place the first sponge on a cake board, (this is to move cake easier from work top to a fridge). Pipe dam around sponge, to prevent the chocolate mousse from leaking. Place chocolate mousse in the centre.
Place second cake on top and chill in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Spread the remaining Swiss butter cream, thinly on the top and side of the cake and chill for 10 minutes. Repeat and chill for further 10 minutes

Place the cake on a wire rack over a baking tray. This is to collect excess chocolate glaze.

Pour the chocolate glaze over the cake, starting from the edge of the cake then to the centre.

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