Roasted Chicken Legs  

Roasted Chicken legs
I have lost count the number of times I have made this! Not only do I love this dish, but this has been the saviour when entertaining at the last minute and can also be prepared in advance and roasted when needed! A nice way to add vegetables to chicken drum sticks and an accompanying sauce can be done easily if you have wine and stock or even cream which can transform this dish!

12        Chicken drum sticks, de-boned
1           Medium size carrot
1           Celery stick
1           Medium size zucchini/ courgette
1 Tbsp  VEG Oil
1 Tbsp   Butter

1. Slice the vegetables into thin strips 2cm longer than the drum sticks, keeping all the vegetables the same lengths.

2. Take a few of each vegetable and place them in a cavity where bone was.

3. Place butter and the oil in a pan, brown the meat, then lay on an baking tray and bake at 220C about 45 minutes, depending on size

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