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About me – Chef D

I came from an island which as three traffic light on it. When I came to London to lean English over 40 years ago, it was shock to the system with sounds, smells (good and bad), and food from all over the world. It was like an exciting new adventure.

However, it was only as my children grew up that I was able to take time for myself and establish a passion for cooking and baking. Admittedly , I was not natural! I remember my first attempt at baking bread: the house smelt divine and the process had been enjoyable but the end result was more like a molten brick.

The delicious aroma of the bread spurred me to try again and when I was able to bake an edible product – the sense of satisfaction was indescribable! Since then I have gone beyond just baking edible items. After much self-leaning (which bordered on a obsession) with television cooking show, YouTube cooking channels, and some cooking courses, I decided to enrol onto the ultimate course: Le Cordon Bleu

I graduated from said pastry school in 2016. And now as a retiree, I found pleasure in travelling and eating as much world cuisines and deserts as possible and then going home to recreate the flavours I am discovering.
I would like to share these discoveries with you, as well as introduce you to some old favourites along the way.

Thank you for your support.

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