Pastry Cream

Crème Patisserie (Pastry Cream)

300g        Milk
1 Ts         Vanilla extract
10g          Sugar

80g           Egg yolk
15g           Corn flour
30g           Sugar
15g              Plain flour

20g             Soft butter
(1) Mix ingredients E in a bowl and set it aside.
Heat ingredients D to a smoking point, gradually pour mixture D over E, mixing constantly. Put the mixture back on a pot and cook flour for about 2 minutes on a medium heat. At this stage, the crème patisserie is glossy and soft, then off the heat, add the butter in and combined well.

(2) Pour the mixture in to a Sieve over the bowl, and transfer to a shallow dish and cover with cling film. Note: allow the cling film to have direct contact with the crème patisserie. Keep this in the fridge to cool completely.

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