Opera Cake (Assemble)

180g      Dark chocolate
180g      Double cream
20g        Butter room temp cut in cubes

Place the chocolate pieces into a bowl and melt over a pan of boiling water

Warm the cream to steaming point, and add in bit by bit to the melted chocolate and mix constantly.

Add in soft butter and empty the mixture on a tray. Mix time to time until cool, it will thicken to a spreadable consistency.


Coffee Syrup
150g       Very strong coffee
30g         Water
30g         Sugar

Melt sugar in boiling water and add in to the coffee.


Assemble Opera

You need:
Joconde Sponge
Coffee Butter Cream
Coffee syrup
Chocolate glaze

Cut the sponge into three measuring aprox, 16 cm x 25 cm.

Place one sponge piece on a grease proof paper, spread the ganache thinly and let it set in a fridge

Once set, turn up side down and place on a board, brush the top side with syrup and spread with 2/3 of ganache.

Place the second sponge baking side down. Level it with scraper.
Apply the syrup then spread the coffee butter cream and place in the fridge until set.

Apply syrup to the last sponge, place syrup side down and level with scraper.
Spread the ganache, making the top smooth and place it in the fridge until set.

Place the Opera onto a wired rack which is on a tray then pour chocolate glaze over the cake, starting from the side to the centre. Smooth the top with pallet knife. Leave it to set at room temperature.

Cut four side to make a clean square
Cut with a warmed knife, push it down action and cleaning the knife after each cut.


Chocolate glaze
180g      Milk chocolate
20mi      Groundnut oil

Break the chocolate pieces into a bowl, melt over a pot of boiling water and add in the oil.
Pour into a jag and let cool until 45C
Pour over a cake and smooth the top. Let it cool at room temperature.



Coffee Butter Cream


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