Mascarpone Bavarian Cream

Mascarpone Bavarian Cream (8inch cake tin)
250g            Milk
15g               Sugar
1 Tsp            Vanilla extract
40g              Egg Yolks
50g              Sugar
12g               Gelatine powder
2Tbsp         water
250g           Mascarpone
250g           Whipped cream (whipped to medium peak)

1, Mix the gelatine powder in the water and set aside

2, Heat the milk, sugar and the vanilla extract until smoking point

3, Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Pour the hot milk mixture slowly into a bowl and mix constantly. Pour back into a pan and cook until just before boiling. Take off from heat and add the gelatine and mix well. Passthrough the sieve. Add in the room temperature mascarpone and mix well. Cool to about 35°C

4, Fold the whipped cream. Pour into a mould and place in a fridge

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