Lemon Mousse

Lemon Mousse

A, Lemon curd
30g Butter
150g Sugar
1 Lemon zest
140g Lemon juice
160g Egg yolks
Pinch Salt

2 Egg whites
25g Sugar
1/8 Ts Cream of tartar
Pinch Salt
300g Double cream
2 Tbs Icing sugar
1/2 Ts Vanilla Extract
1Tbs Milk powder

1, Place the ingredients A in a bowl and cook to 77C over a pot of simmering water. Pass through a sieve and pour into a dish.  Cover with cling film direct contact with Lemon curd and keep it in the fridge.

2. Whip the egg whites ingredients B to a stiff peak and transfer to a bowl

3, Whip the cream ingredients C to a medium peak

4, Fold egg whites into a Lemon curd then Fold in half the cream and pour into a mousse dish

5. Add the milk powder D, to the other half of the cream and whip to a stiff peak. Decorate to your liking and put into fridge for 4 hours or overnight




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