I love the origin of the Choux!
It was created by an Italian Chef who went to France in the 16th Century to celebrate Kings wedding. What an occasion to come up trumps with such a creation!

Now, this is the base for profiteroles, croquembouche, and eclairs.  Choux is a light desert, which I have detailed below in three stages (Choux pastry, Crème patisserie, and cream), which appears complicated but with organization and planning this is just time consuming, rather than advanced level baking. I would say this requires intermediate knowledge and skill of baking.  Don’t forget, you can prepare the crème patisserie and cream mixtures a day in advance, and bake the choux the next.
It is worth the effort!!! Trust me.

Ingredients for Choux
125 g         Water
50g            Butter
1g               Salt
3g              Sugar
75g            Plain flour sifted

120g          Beaten egg

(1) Grease baking tray lightly and place it in a fridge

(2) Place ingredients A into a pan, heat them to a rapid boil. Then turn the heat off and add flour in one go. Mix constantly with wooden spoon until a ball is formed. Return back to a medium heat and keep mixing about one minute and remove any excess wetness. Then, place the pastry into a stand mixer bowl and using paddle attachment with high speed (if using the standing mixer), mix until there is no more steam coming from the mixture.

(3) Keeping the mixer on medium speed, add half of the eggs and mix. Then gradually add the remaining eggs until the pastry’s dropping consistency is thick: this is known as a V shape.

(4) Place the pastry into your piping bag and pipe the choux on a baking tray about 5cm (3㎝) in diameter , leaving enough space between them (about 3cm)

Bake at 180C for 40-45 minutes   (Make 8 large or 16 small ones)

Ingredients for Crème Patisserie
300g        Milk
1 Ts         Vanilla extract
10g          Sugar
80g           Egg yolk
15g           Corn flour
30g           Sugar
15g              Plain flour
20g             Soft butter

(5) Mix ingredients E in a bowl and set it aside.
Heat ingredients D to a smoking point, gradually pour mixture D over E, mixing constantly. Put the mixture back on a pot and cook flour for 2 minutes on a medium heat. At this stage, the crème patisserie is glossy and soft, then add butter in and combined well.

(6) Pour the mixture  in to a bowl and sieve the Crème Patisserie, transfer to a shallow dish and cover with cling film. Note: allow the cling film to have direct contact with the crème patisserie. Keep this in the fridge to cool completely.

Whipping cream
200g           Double cream
40g             Icing sugar
few drops   Vanilla extract
1 Tbs          Powder milk

“Dust  – 1 Tbs   Icing Sugar ”

(7) Place ingredients G into a bowl / stand mixer and whip to a soft peak. Place half into a separate bowl and leave it aside.
Sprinkle powdered milk into a bowl / stand mixer, whip to a stiff peak. Put them in a piping bag using nozzle no 12

(8) Take a crème patisserie from fridge, whip it to a soft consistency, then mix in the first half of the cream.

(9) Make a slit in the choux and spoon the crème patisserie and pipe whipped cream. Finally dust with icing sugar. Keep in the fridge before serving

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