Uni Mochi

Uni Mochi (12pieces)
400g        Rice powder
75g           Cooked and pass the sieve, sweet potatos
100g         Powdered azuki an
100g         Brown sugar
200g        Granulated sugar
300ml -400ml   Water
24                                     Alpinia leaves

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Egg rolls

Egg rolls
140g    Warm milk
14g       Yeast
50g      Sugar
‘2           Eggs
‘1            Egg yolk
45g       Oil
430g    Plain flour
7g           Salt flakes

In a standard mixing bowl dissolve the yeast and a bit of sugar in warm milk.

Add all other ingredients and knead for 10 minutes. Rest until doubled in size.

Punch it down and divide into 8. Shape, braided, knot, roll, or as your choice and rest until almost doubled in size.

Egg wash and bake at 180C for 20-25 minutes .