About Cake

About Cake Cakes are made with an alliance (I like to think!) of sugar, flour, fat, eggs and a liquid mixture. Cake ingredients unlike bread, must be measured with accuracy.

I find it fascinating that even by using almost the same ingredients for a cake, the resulting sponge textures can be so different, quite often depending on which combining method has been used.

Creaming method

Cream/whip softened butter and sugar to light in colour, this will take good few minutes. The you add eggs one at a time. When eggs are mixed, fold in the flour.

Mix all in one method

As the name suggests, mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Usually this kind of cake has raising agent such as baking power to help the cake mixture rise and create a light sponge.

Whisked sponge

This method relies on the whipped egg or whipped egg whites to aerate the cake mixture and then fold the flour into the batter.


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